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Feedback System

  • 1. For a fruitful success of a student, it requires a strong team work.

  • 2. Every team member has an active role to get a desire rank or good score

  • 3. Team consists of three group -

    a.Student – Students are actually like an unrevealed gold mine. Student usually can’t estimate their potential. Sometimes parents are also can’t find the potential of their child. More over every student has unique quality or potential or resource. Student is the most vital team member. Student should have the eagerness to succeed.

    b. Guide / Teacher – Next vital role goes to the teacher
          1. Teacher will guide properly to each student according to individual quality & individual potentiality. If guide is not perfect then student will face difficulty to get a desired outcome, we can’t expect success from student, if not fostered by proper guidance. Guide has also another vital role to search the unique quality, potential or resource of each student       2. We have an effective weekly interval feedback system from each teacher regarding above aspect of each student individually. Then the cumulative feedback is statistically analyzed by our analytical team. Our analytical team members are successful professional in this field.

    c. Parents
          1. They have the role of strong surveillance & trouble shoot to their child in regards of –
                i. Desire / passion / happiness
                ii. Aim of their future life
                iii. Their effort
                iv. Any problem of their child like – physical, psychological etc.
                v. all requirement for success i.e. to acquire a good rank or good score
          2. They should encourage their child to increase their mental strength.
          3. They should continuously motivate their child

    d. how to increase memory

  • 4. Without parents active participation whole mission becomes impossible

  • 5. We have an unique continuous digital feedback system where
          a. Teacher provides everyday assessment of individual student.
          b. Student provides their assessment regarding teaching parameter
          c. We accumulates feedback from each guardian regarding students daily activity
          d. We conduct a regular PTM where three team members shares their own assessments & corrective action is suggested by the experts .